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University of Central Missouri

University of Central Missouri

108 W South St
Warrensburg, MO - 64093

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Douglas Koch Technology 3 Rate
Barbra Smith Library Science 0 Rate
Barbara Smith Library Science 15 Rate
M. Paige Patterson Health & Human Performance 0 Rate
S. Jason Cole Communication 1 Rate
Helena Reidemar Aviation 4 Rate
Monica Nevels Safety 0 Rate
Jon Taylore History 0 Rate
Charlette Whitacker Education 0 Rate
Rose Gubele English 16 Rate
Anthony Gasaway Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Amanda Davis Nursing 0 Rate
Jenny D'Agastino Nursing 3 Rate
Steven Ake Computer Science 0 Rate
Steven Hicks Safety 0 Rate
Ram Adhikari Mathematics 0 Rate
Jay Steinkruger Chemistry 0 Rate
Laura Crank Sociology 0 Rate
Julie Petersen Education 0 Rate
Shirley Fritz Photography 0 Rate
Virginia Killian Marketing 0 Rate
Aileen Swift Education 0 Rate
Micah Bailey Philosophy 2 Rate
Barrows Benjamin Mathematics 0 Rate
Benjamin Barrows Mathematics 0 Rate
J.P. Burke Education 0 Rate
Jeremy Underwood Photography 0 Rate
M. Jenise Comer Social Work 0 Rate
Elizabeth Kostas Social Work 0 Rate
Sally Salah Biology 5 Rate
E. Sam Cox Communication 20 Rate
Marissa Parker Mathematics 0 Rate
Krisana West Education 0 Rate
Diane Butler Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Diana Sadler Technology 0 Rate
Robin Ersland Physical Education 2 Rate
Justin Chapman Biology 0 Rate
Melanie Johnson Art Design 0 Rate
Zaid Mahir English 0 Rate
Marco Rosichelli Art & Design 0 Rate
Alexander Card Mathematics 1 Rate
Wayne Schenk Safety 4 Rate
Shannon McCarthy Marketing 3 Rate
Judy Landes Education 0 Rate
Amber Reith Hutcherson Languages 0 Rate

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