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University of Minnesota Duluth

University of Minnesota Duluth

1049 University Dr
Duluth, MN - 55812

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Charlie Bateman Management 1 Rate
Maureen O'Brien Economics 10 Rate
Connie O'Brien Accounting 2 Rate
Joseph Johnson Chemistry 6 Rate
Steven Steblay Sociology 7 Rate
Kayla Hertel Accounting 2 Rate
Eleazer Resurreccion Civil Engineering 13 Rate
Darren Houser Fine Arts 7 Rate
Molly Harney Education 26 Rate
Lindsey Jungman English 15 Rate
R Nakajma Fine Arts 10 Rate
Michelle Saint Philosophy 11 Rate
Peter A.H. Peterson Computer Science 1 Rate
John Leonard O'Neill Design 4 Rate
Jennifer Derrick Writing Studies 6 Rate
Ronald Marchese Humanities 0 Rate
Puttagounder Dhanasekaran Engineering 10 Rate
James Swenson Biology 0 Rate
Scott Boyle Theater 1 Rate
Marisa Hoogenakker Business 0 Rate
Bradley Bombardier Music 7 Rate
Simon Kress English 14 Rate
Timothy Reilly Marketing 15 Rate
Justin Small Education 7 Rate
Joanne Itami Biology 84 Rate
Eve Metto Chemistry 23 Rate
Brett Coppenger Philosophy 9 Rate
Julie Guddeck Foreign Languages & Literature 10 Rate
Jennifer Jones Anthropology 3 Rate
Julie Ahasay Communication 18 Rate

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