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University of Maine
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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
William Baker History 15 Rate
Terray Beaty-Kauffman Communication 0 Rate
Charles Hess Physics 0 Rate
Kristen O'Neill Explorations 1 Rate
A.J. Mooney Dramatic Arts 7 Rate
M Troese Psychology 3 Rate
Lewis Perkins Food Science 10 Rate
Mary Richards Communication Disorders 5 Rate
V.K. Balakrishnan Mathematics 20 Rate
G. W. Farthing Psychology 101 Rate
Carrie Pierce Communication Disorders 8 Rate
Emily Rice Communication 1 Rate
Myron Fox Science 1 Rate
Matthew Dube Computer Science 3 Rate
janet Gorman Communication 0 Rate
Toni Kaplan New Media Art 7 Rate
Rachel Snell History 8 Rate
Edward Bernard Biology 27 Rate
Janet Nichols Education 2 Rate
Elizabeth Dodge Food Science 11 Rate
Douglas Gardner Forestry 1 Rate
Robert Lad Physics 2 Rate
Walter McCulley III Psychology 2 Rate
J Ferland History 20 Rate
K. Lira Yoon Psychology 3 Rate
Tandy Del Vecchio Mathematics 0 Rate
Thomas Wubbenhorst Music 0 Rate
Steven Sader Forestry 2 Rate
Heather Howard English 0 Rate
Lynn Clark Art 1 Rate

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