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Southern Maine Community College

Southern Maine Community College

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Susan Chamberlain Biology 4 Rate
Joshua Dickson Computer & Informational Tech. 1 Rate
Brandon Glenn Computer & Informational Tech. 0 Rate
Eric Reburn Mathematics 14 Rate
Thomas Kelly Biology 1 Rate
John Phythyon Biology 0 Rate
S Daigle Chemistry 5 Rate
Danial Moore Biology 4 Rate
Stephen Kercel Physics 0 Rate
Susan Lugli Business 5 Rate
David Zahn English 0 Rate
Katherine Kittredge Psychology 2 Rate
Alisa Monceaux Health Science 1 Rate
Cara Kent Psychology 4 Rate
Martin Whittemore History 4 Rate
Benjamin Guild Medicine 0 Rate
Aimee Vlachos-Bullard Business 13 Rate
Mary Jo O'Connor Education 0 Rate
Sarah Darhower Biology 3 Rate
Margaret Frigard Early Childhood Education 0 Rate
Scott Fortin Computer Informational Tech. 4 Rate
Brain Shaughnessy Mathematics 0 Rate
Margaret Brewer Business 2 Rate
Mary-Jo O'Connor Education 24 Rate
Angel Christian History 3 Rate
Loreen MacNichol Electronics 3 Rate
Nicholas Ciciretti Mathematics 5 Rate
William Lundgren English 20 Rate
Thomas Boulette Mathematics 1 Rate
Camille Atkinson English 3 Rate
Dennis Nightingale Computer Applications 2 Rate
Julie Mueller Political Science 14 Rate
Randolph Visser Computer & Informational Tech. 0 Rate
Amie Thom Computer & Informational Tech. 0 Rate
Gwendolyn Blake Mathematics 2 Rate
Wendy St. Pierre Social Science 0 Rate
Jennifer Francis Dietetics 0 Rate
Julien Perille Psychology 2 Rate
Jeannie Munro Computer & Informational Tech. 7 Rate
Linda Waters Social Science 2 Rate
Molly Chancey Women's Studies 1 Rate
Emma Bouthillette English 4 Rate
Katherine McCoy Psychology 3 Rate
Louise Parise Mathematics 0 Rate
James Flanagan History 1 Rate
Barbara O'Neill Science 0 Rate
Sarah Darhower Science 21 Rate
E. Anne Applin Computer & Informational Tech. 18 Rate
Ellen Askari Health Science 13 Rate
Chris Dumais Computer & Informational Tech. 17 Rate
Gregory Bertoni Biology 0 Rate
Kevin MacDonald Criminal Justice 14 Rate
Adam Birt English 4 Rate
Joseph Streble Computer & Informational Tech. 0 Rate
Alan Lovell Mathematics 8 Rate
DeSimone John Computer Science 0 Rate
Roderick MacGregor Mathematics 4 Rate
Anthony Fillipone Management 1 Rate
Adrian Ayotte Mathematics 18 Rate
Scott Greenleaf Mathematics 9 Rate

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