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University of New Orleans

University of New Orleans

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New Orleans, LA - 70148

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Paul Herrington Engineering 0 Rate
Jennifer Johnson Education & Human Development 0 Rate
Timothy O'Neal Communication 1 Rate
Farrah Golmaryami Psychology 0 Rate
Janet Murphy Education 0 Rate
Steven Johnson Biological Sciences 4 Rate
Ruperto Chavarri Management 0 Rate
Sara Herndon Sociology 20 Rate
Giovanni Perez Economics 3 Rate
Michelle Esposito Sociology 0 Rate
Elise Chatelain Sociology 20 Rate
Jan Anderson Business 0 Rate
John Fitzmorris History 22 Rate
Miriam Miller English 0 Rate
Patricia Williams Biological Sciences 0 Rate
L T Minter Political Science 0 Rate
David Mobley Chemistry 0 Rate
Shannon Brown Management 0 Rate
Joseph Dew Science 0 Rate
Jacquelyn Nasti English 0 Rate
William Langkopp Hospitality 0 Rate
Kevin Marti English 0 Rate
Esther Houser Accounting 0 Rate
Guillermo Rincon Engineering 0 Rate
Leslie White English 25 Rate
Susan Clade Business 0 Rate
Theodore Bennett Physics 0 Rate
Kenneth Rayes English 8 Rate
Kevin Mclin Film 5 Rate
Steve Brewer Psychology 0 Rate
Thomas O'Conner Marketing 0 Rate
Charles O'Connor Chemistry 2 Rate
Ann O'Hanlon Education & Human Development 5 Rate
William Easley Mathematics 0 Rate
Kraig Derstler Earth Environmental Sciences 0 Rate
Uche Isiugo Finance 0 Rate
Clancy Mary Biological Sciences 2 Rate
M.O. Walsh English 0 Rate
Kenneth Lacho Management 0 Rate
Lourdes Rincon Foreign Languages 2 Rate
B. Richard Moore Political Science 0 Rate
M. Eileen Pansano Accounting 0 Rate
Martin O'Connell Earth & Environmental Sciences 8 Rate
Jennifer O'Sullivan Economics 0 Rate
Jennifer O'Sulllivan Economics 0 Rate
J Longo English 0 Rate
Brian Walters Computer Science 2 Rate
D'Lane Compton Sociology 21 Rate
Kim Jovanovich Engineering 0 Rate
Gabriel Quintero Psychology 0 Rate
John Finigan Computer Science 0 Rate
Nora Steiger English 0 Rate
Jose Rubio Engineering 0 Rate
Jack Horne Biology 2 Rate
Elijah Adedeji Physics 0 Rate
Edward Ardeneaux English 17 Rate
Wayne Encalarde Management 0 Rate
Jennifer Ann O'Sullivan Economics 0 Rate
Michael Eller Engineering 0 Rate

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