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Southeastern Louisiana University

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Paula Sanders Accounting 0 Rate
Donna Givens English 0 Rate
Kelly Britt Anthropology 0 Rate
Jason Gates Mathematics 0 Rate
Heather O'Connell English 0 Rate
Sue O'Donnell Art 3 Rate
Ranga Jayakody Chemistry & Physics 0 Rate
John O'Reilly Biological Sciences 34 Rate
Brian O'Callaghan Mathematics 40 Rate
James Davis English 0 Rate
Amy Satterlee Nursing 0 Rate
Claudia De Carey English 0 Rate
Christine Baugh Psychology 0 Rate
Rebecca Hodges Anthropology 0 Rate
Denise Hewitt Biological Sciences 0 Rate
Tom Clark Sociology & Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Samanga Amarasinghe Computer Sci & Industrial Tech 0 Rate
Martin Teltingdiaz Chemistry & Physics 0 Rate
Charity Lucena Athletics 0 Rate
Maya Boustani Psychology 0 Rate
Henry Thomasson Economics 0 Rate
Michael Whittemore Biological Sciences 0 Rate
Hendricks Biology 3 Rate
Dwayne Shaffer Kinesiology & Health Studies 0 Rate
L Nonita Valverde Academic Services 0 Rate
Polly Doyle Mathematics 0 Rate
John Llewellyn Philosophy & Religious Studies 0 Rate
Nadia Elahi English 0 Rate
John Membrano Computer Sci & Industrial Tech 0 Rate
Jemimah Noonoo Communications 0 Rate
Christopher Greene Communications 0 Rate
Nadine Mescia Kinesiology & Health Studies 0 Rate
Morgan McGillicuddy Psychology 0 Rate
Lisa Kimbrough Political Science 0 Rate
Sarah Myers Kinesiology & Health Studies 0 Rate
Karl Muth Economics 0 Rate
Keturah Green Communications 25 Rate
Debra Bachmeier Nursing 0 Rate
Mark Covalt Mathematics 0 Rate
Elizabeth Barnett English 0 Rate
Melissa Reljac Nursing 0 Rate
Scott Romito Mathematics 23 Rate
Daniel O'Laughlin Biological Sciences 0 Rate
Stephen Stewart Anthropology 0 Rate
Allison O'Brien Biological Sciences 0 Rate
G Autin Mathematics 0 Rate
Michael Smith History & Political Science 0 Rate
Danielle Law Psychology 0 Rate
Eric Maraffi General Studies 0 Rate
Michael Noll Business Admin & Finance 0 Rate
Omer Soysal Computer Sci amp Industrial Tech 1 Rate
Raymond Rody Marketing 1 Rate
Laura Herbert Political Science 5 Rate
Leigh Beard Early Childhood Education 8 Rate
Virginia Adelmann Mathematics 55 Rate
Lyle Blanchard Communications 0 Rate
Emilie Bullard Biological Sciences 0 Rate
Mark Lukens Marketing & Supply Chain Mgmt. 0 Rate
August Kuiper Computer Sci amp Industrial Tech 6 Rate
Ashley Rattner English 0 Rate
Dennis McGeehan Communications 0 Rate
Wendy Zhang Computer Science 10 Rate
John Giamalva Economics 0 Rate
Jennifer Tomas History & Political Science 0 Rate
Wilson Lawrence Art & Art History 0 Rate
Courtney Grile Music & Dramatic Arts 0 Rate
Nepomuk Otte Physics & Astronomy 0 Rate
R. Ed Rode Engineering 0 Rate
Fileve Palmer Anthropology 0 Rate
Elizabeth Teller Communications 0 Rate
Claire O' Donoghue Business 0 Rate

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