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Louisiana State University
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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
David Wetzel Engineering 6 Rate
Natalie D'Auvergne-LaMotte English 0 Rate
John O'Dell Music 0 Rate
Juan Barthelemy Social Work 0 Rate
Golden Richard Computer Science 3 Rate
C. S. Agnes Cheng Accounting 0 Rate
Deborah Chodacki Music 0 Rate
E. Williams Architecture 0 Rate
Clint Whaley Computer Science 0 Rate
Kenneth Schafer Physics 0 Rate
Jared Llorens Public Administration 0 Rate
Dvjit Chowdhury Business 0 Rate
Jacob Hiler Marketing 1 Rate
Jeremy Beus Management 13 Rate
Alex Cole Political Science 0 Rate
Katelynn Sell Management 0 Rate
Seth Thibodeaux Business 3 Rate
Jeannie Little Music 0 Rate
Katie Cherry Psychology 10 Rate
J.E. Roche Geology 0 Rate
Tyler Renshaw Psychology 0 Rate
K Arbuthnot Education 2 Rate
William Moe Engineering 3 Rate
Douglas Holt English 0 Rate
Nikita Kuznetsov Kinesiology 7 Rate
Glenn Sumners Accounting 8 Rate
Shelby Doyle Architecture 1 Rate
James Richardson Public Administration 0 Rate
Sue Bartlett Biology 0 Rate
Heather O'Connell Sociology 7 Rate
Emily O'Dell Anthropology 3 Rate
Robyn Andermann Education 1 Rate
Suniti W. D Karunatillake Geology 47 Rate
Michael Kaller Science 2 Rate
James Murphy Theater 5 Rate
Andrew Jones Communication 14 Rate
Wesely Williams Engineering 0 Rate
Michael Veazey Engineering 0 Rate
Samuel Stokes Music 1 Rate
Paul O'Keefe Geography 0 Rate
M. Rodwan Abouharb Political Science 6 Rate
Eurico D'Sa Oceanography 2 Rate
Deona Perry Mathematics 0 Rate
Y Wu Marketing 0 Rate
Troy Blanchard Sociology 5 Rate
Anna Long Psychology 22 Rate
J Brenton Stewart Library & Information Science 0 Rate
J Kosmala Music 0 Rate
Quang Cao Agriculture 0 Rate
W. George Cochran Mathematics 0 Rate
Samuel Bentley Geology 1 Rate
T. Warren Liao Engineering 0 Rate
John Nyman Environmental Studies 0 Rate
Patricia Beste Psychology 0 Rate
Daniel Marin Management 12 Rate
Wesley Shrum Sociology 9 Rate
J. Calhoun Kinesiology 0 Rate
Joni Catanzaro Info Systems & Dec. Science 2 Rate
Daniel Shanahan Music 0 Rate
Kenneth Fasching-Varner Education 13 Rate
Laura D. Wiley Accounting 0 Rate
Ryan Rasner Communication 4 Rate
Kim D' Souza Mathematics 0 Rate
Y Kamo Sociology 78 Rate
A. Yeboah Theater 0 Rate
Lidiya Dubytska Biology 0 Rate
Alvin Burns Marketing 10 Rate
D Winslow Mathematics 0 Rate
James Bunch Agriculture 0 Rate
Reagan Errera Agriculture 15 Rate
Bret Collier Agriculture 0 Rate
Carol O'Neil Human Ecology 0 Rate
Felicia O'Neal Education 1 Rate
Carrie O'Connor French Studies 0 Rate
Charles Monlezun Statistics 0 Rate
R. Perlis Mathematics 0 Rate
Kristopher Mecholsky English 0 Rate
C. Dennis English 0 Rate
Laurene Hutchinson Info Systems Dec. Science 0 Rate
P. Raymond Lamonica Law 0 Rate
T Bidner Agriculture 0 Rate
Michael Khonsari Engineering 0 Rate
Howard L'Enfant Law 0 Rate
Roy Heidelberg Public Administration 4 Rate
Duru Adaobi Select department 0 Rate
Sarah Webb English 0 Rate
Dan Shaw Accounting 6 Rate
Julia D'Antonio Sociology 0 Rate
Kathleen Bratton Political Science 17 Rate
J. Michael Desmond Architecture 10 Rate
Robert O'Neill Sociology 45 Rate
T. Grace Scales Philosophy 1 Rate
M. Fontham Law 0 Rate
M Garrison Agriculture 0 Rate
S Marchand History 0 Rate

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