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Baton Rouge Community College

Baton Rouge Community College

201 Community College Dr
Baton Rouge, LA - 70806

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Marlene Krousel Not Specified 0 Rate
emily jackson Biology 0 Rate
Ildar Dale F Akhmadullin Engineering 9 Rate
Joshua Green Mathematics 28 Rate
Matthew Morris Art 4 Rate
Kathleen Schexnayder Humanities 2 Rate
B Hasek Biology 0 Rate
Sydney Varnado Humanities 0 Rate
Stephanie Martin Psychology 0 Rate
Timothy Love Music 1 Rate
Stephen Lentz Paralegal Studies 4 Rate
A K Shahjahan Biology 0 Rate
William Bertolette History 0 Rate
Stephen Robichaux Business 0 Rate
Charle Durio Art 0 Rate
Michael Frawley History 0 Rate
Nikki Christy Health Science 0 Rate
Hasan Zaman Biology 14 Rate
Janene Grodesky Health Science 0 Rate
Douglas Dorhauer English 0 Rate
Christopher Brumfield Art 0 Rate
Danielle Burns Fine Arts 0 Rate
Denise D'Abundo Biology 71 Rate
John Bishop Music 0 Rate
Revathi Hines Political Science 0 Rate
Mattie Tillotson Accounting 0 Rate
Patricia Van Brunt Mathematics 0 Rate
Chequita Hilliard Nursing 0 Rate
Darren Jones Philosophy 43 Rate
Jill Green English 0 Rate
Kenneth Lodrigue Biology 0 Rate
Dedra MacKie Biology 0 Rate
Gery Frie Management 11 Rate
Joyce Jone English 0 Rate
Thais Perkins Music 0 Rate
A Gyimah English 23 Rate
Paul McNeough English 0 Rate
Betty Clements Communication 0 Rate
Robert Brouillette Psychology 67 Rate
K Ross English 0 Rate
Cynthia Giachetti Fine Arts 29 Rate
Meichi Lee Fine Arts 0 Rate
Davis Joy O'Nae Biology 0 Rate
Theresa Theresa S. Toulmon Biology 0 Rate
L Hilterbrand English 0 Rate
Wanda Henderson Reading 11 Rate
Jefferey Weaver Mathematics 80 Rate
M McKeough English 0 Rate

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