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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Timothy Stombaugh Engineering 3 Rate
David Brown Computer Science 2 Rate
Porter Jonathon French 2 Rate
Robert Sewell Fine Arts 0 Rate
Katherine Thompson Statistics 5 Rate
Bruce O'Hara Biology 11 Rate
Jefferey Hastings Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
T. Michael Halcomb Writing 0 Rate
T. Garrett Graddy Geography 1 Rate
Marcus Epps Health Science 7 Rate
John Egger Music 6 Rate
Erica Whitaker Mathematics 38 Rate
Stephen Joiner Political Science 0 Rate
Mohammad Zannoun Social Science 28 Rate
C Chung Business 0 Rate
K Mahboub Engineering 6 Rate
William Korinko Women's Studies 6 Rate
Michael Fried Biology 1 Rate
Augustine O'Keefe Mathematics 0 Rate
Martin Hunter Economics 2 Rate
James Campbell Fine Arts 0 Rate
Michael Oliver Social Work 0 Rate
M.A. Sossou Social Work 0 Rate
James Lumpp Electrical Engineering 12 Rate
Richard Smith English 0 Rate
Casey Cassetty Social Work 1 Rate
Keith Buhler Philosophy 20 Rate
Katherine Paulin Mathematics 0 Rate
Ellen Usher Education 0 Rate
J.W. Yates Health Science 0 Rate
Ann Christianson Art 0 Rate
Matthäus Huelse Modern and Classical Languages 2 Rate
James Freeman Management 0 Rate
Jeremy Hickman Sociology 1 Rate
F. D. Scutchfield Honors 0 Rate
Kathryn Newfont History 9 Rate
S.W. Yates Chemistry 27 Rate
Solomon Harrar Statistics 0 Rate
H P Lovelace Education 0 Rate
Kristie Pavey Classics 0 Rate
Carrie Osterhage Languages 0 Rate
Alexis Hadden Communication 31 Rate
M Sara Rosenthal Honors 2 Rate
James Fox Engineering 0 Rate
Katherine Morrissey Communication 0 Rate
Lorraine Garkovich Agriculture 0 Rate
Terrell Frey Communication 12 Rate
Jonathan Wenk Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Alexander Menrisky English 2 Rate
Isaac Maupin Music 4 Rate
Brian Thomas Agriculture 0 Rate
Joseph O'Neil Modern and Classical Languages 1 Rate
O.R. Dathorne English 0 Rate
T.W. Wu Engineering 13 Rate
P Eakin Mathematics 0 Rate
R C Sargent Biology 0 Rate
N Van Tubergen Communication 0 Rate
Nick Cprek Engineering 0 Rate
G Janecek Languages 0 Rate
Walter Ferrier Management 0 Rate
Michael O'Hara English 0 Rate
Melinda Wilson Physiology 1 Rate
Nancy Johnson Environmental Science 9 Rate
Andrew Van't Land Philosophy 0 Rate
Paul Eakin Physics 0 Rate
R Tannenbaum Not Specified 0 Rate
Mark Lovell Chemistry 0 Rate
Rafael Gonzalez D'leon Mathematics 0 Rate
Eric Street Business 0 Rate
Jan A H Smalle Biology 0 Rate
Patrick Mooney Sociology 0 Rate
Marta Mack-Washington Health Science 0 Rate
S.A. Hunt Sociology 0 Rate
Karkelanova Anushka Statistics 32 Rate
James Savage History 0 Rate
Stephanie Beasley Languages 0 Rate
J.W. Howard History 0 Rate
Paul Linton Computer Science 4 Rate
Michael Kilgore Pharmacy 8 Rate
N Martin Physics 0 Rate
Matthew Schneck Theater 1 Rate
Patrick Spence Communication 0 Rate
Aida Revuelta Languages 0 Rate
Kathleen Wheeler Art 3 Rate
Jessica Van Neste Psychology 9 Rate
Brad Kerns Music 0 Rate
D Manivannan Computer Science 14 Rate
John Howell English 10 Rate
Bryan Reinholdt Art 0 Rate
Ernest Snow Biology 0 Rate
Samuel Herschenfeld Mathematics 0 Rate
John Williams Health Science 6 Rate
Lindi Campbell Communication 2 Rate
J.Robert Heath Engineering 20 Rate
Naomi Maloney Communication 1 Rate
Susan Herrick Engineering 0 Rate
Paul Kalisz Agriculture 0 Rate
W. Hunter Stamps Art 18 Rate
Katharine Head Communication 0 Rate
Henry Dietz Engineering 1 Rate
Julie A G Whitney Engineering 5 Rate
Thomas Hyder Fine Arts 2 Rate
Kieran O'Hara Geology 10 Rate
P.P Karan Geography 21 Rate
David Hulse Accounting 2 Rate
Tyler Denton Classics 0 Rate
Frank Walker English 16 Rate
F. A. Thrift Agriculture 0 Rate
Y Wang Engineering 0 Rate
J Kert Viele Statistics 0 Rate
Ana Herrera Economics 0 Rate
Mary Christopher Theater 0 Rate
Taylor Hirschberg Medicine 0 Rate
Dana Biggs Fine Arts 0 Rate
David Hamilton History 0 Rate
Dave O''Fallon Music 1 Rate
Claire O'Quin Biology 58 Rate
Anthony Elam Computer Science 0 Rate
tyler Mark Agriculture 0 Rate
Susan Malkowski Physics 0 Rate
Erin Woloschek French 5 Rate
Brandyn Heyser Architecture 0 Rate
Clay Shields English 0 Rate
Chelsea Brislin Business 6 Rate
Abbey Thomas English 0 Rate
Katherine Paullin Mathematics 30 Rate
Christine Fulmer Social Work 4 Rate
A. Beamen Psychology 12 Rate
M Ali Engineering 0 Rate
Laura Letellier Engineering 13 Rate
Ryan O'Rourke French 0 Rate
Jane Hayes Computer Science 2 Rate
Christina Gentile Communication 0 Rate
Martha Grady Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Melissa Stein Women's Studies 0 Rate
John Stempel International Studies 5 Rate
Robert Henson Film 0 Rate
Michael Kovash Physics 4 Rate
Alayna Wilburn English 0 Rate
Alice Rhodes Education 7 Rate
Scott Taylor History 12 Rate
Jakub Famulski Biology 2 Rate
Andrew Woods Law 0 Rate
N Levenson Physics 0 Rate
N Sullivan Social Work 0 Rate
Mark O'Bryan Architecture 0 Rate
Megan O'Neil Languages 0 Rate
Chip O'Connell Political Science 9 Rate
Joseph Baber Music 0 Rate
Sophia Wallace Political Science 0 Rate
Lauren Moore Anthropology 0 Rate
Christopher Hays Mathematics 0 Rate
Charles Davis Political Science 0 Rate
Amber Bosse Geography 1 Rate
Charles Mays Honors 0 Rate
Raymond Hill Health Science 0 Rate
Logan Fields Psychology 3 Rate
Meredith Woehler Business 0 Rate
Nathan Dewall Psychology 26 Rate
Elisa D''Angelo Agriculture 3 Rate
Francisco Andrade Medicine 6 Rate
Sean Bemis Geology 0 Rate
Joseph Straley Physics 0 Rate
Steven Alvarez Writing 0 Rate
Sara Wylie A. VanMeter Art 0 Rate
Suleiman Darrat Anthropology 0 Rate
Kyle Perry Engineering 0 Rate
Melissa Schwartz Fine Arts 0 Rate
Nicole Keenan Arts & Sciences 0 Rate
Allan Richards Art Education 0 Rate
M Hanson Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Stephen Davis History 16 Rate
Lisa O'Connor Information Science 6 Rate
Rebecca O'Brien Music 1 Rate
Joe O'Leary Agriculture 0 Rate
James Southard Art 0 Rate

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