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Wichita State University

Wichita State University

1845 Fairmount St
Wichita, KS - 67260

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  • Phone: (316) 978-3456
  • Website: http://www.wichita.edu
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wichita.state/
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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Andrew Munds Physics 0 Rate
James Beck Biology 17 Rate
Evan Senn Communication 0 Rate
Cynthia Moss English 1 Rate
Bronwen Johnson English 0 Rate
Chris Krueger English 0 Rate
Augustine Iacopelli Geology 2 Rate
Jasmine Harris Psychology 0 Rate
Lisa Overholtzer Anthropology 0 Rate
S K Riley Psychology 0 Rate
Gaylen Chandler Business 3 Rate
Molly Pourhussin Communication 0 Rate
Taylor William Communication 1 Rate
Carolyn Shaw Political Science 14 Rate
Jay McMahan English 5 Rate
R K Lewis Psychology 0 Rate
P.J. Phachantry Psychology 1 Rate
Catherine A Blair Dixon Art History 0 Rate
Richard Spilman English 20 Rate
Dharani Kumar R Duggi Reddy Lakshmi Computer Science 0 Rate
I V Ilitchev Chemistry 3 Rate
Victoria Hendricks English 4 Rate
Alexander Bukhgeym Mathematics 0 Rate
William Hendry Biology 0 Rate
Rachel Smith Psychology 0 Rate
Leo Huelskamp Mathematics 0 Rate
Katie Mitchell-Koch Chemistry 6 Rate
Rae Pope Management 0 Rate
Stacey Mann Social Work 0 Rate
W. Stephen Hathaway English 0 Rate
Kari Nilsen Psychology 3 Rate
J. Ewonus Fine Arts 0 Rate
Ryan Sinclair Psychology 0 Rate
Jamie O'Leary Graphic Arts 0 Rate
Michael McLeod Management 0 Rate
Saman Sahraei Mathematics 12 Rate
Francis Connor English 0 Rate
Geethalakshmi Lakshmikanth Electrical & Comp. Engineering 21 Rate
David Ratcliffe Physics 0 Rate
Joshua Barkan English 0 Rate
Patricia O'Sullivan Accounting 25 Rate
Pamela O'Neal Communication 0 Rate
R D Dorsey Anthropology 0 Rate
Vishnu Damalanka Chemistry 0 Rate
A. P. Vague Fine Arts 0 Rate
S B Morris Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Dustin Smith Psychology 2 Rate
Daniel Trousdale Mathematics 25 Rate
Mirabillas D'Souza Computer Science 0 Rate
Francis D' Souza Chemistry 0 Rate
Alissa Bey Psychology 0 Rate
M. Kathleen Straight Accounting 0 Rate
Matthew Gray Mathematics 0 Rate
Maria Paltan Modern & Classical Lang & Lit. 11 Rate
Paigton Mayes Psychology 0 Rate
Michael Cole English 0 Rate
T. Graves Mathematics 0 Rate
Tyler Hiebert Communication 0 Rate
Lisa Wray Health Science 0 Rate

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