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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Kathy Ginter Physical Education 22 Rate
Jeffrey Owen Economics 5 Rate
Laura Olbrich Psychology 1 Rate
Charles Bridges Criminology 1 Rate
Richard Tarr Engineering 0 Rate
William Anastasiadis Psychology 0 Rate
Dale Ann O'Neal Nursing 20 Rate
John Myers Computer Engineering 0 Rate
Patricia Wheeler Education 0 Rate
Errett Bozarth Aviation Technology 0 Rate
William Ganis Art History 0 Rate
Carl Klarner Political Science 20 Rate
Bellampalli Ramachandran Chemistry & Physics 0 Rate
Kristopher Schwab Biology 18 Rate
P.G. Aaron Education 0 Rate
Alina Waite Human Resources 0 Rate
Jodi Frost Mathematics 8 Rate
C. Russell Stafford Anthropology 18 Rate
Harold Seifers Computer Engineering 3 Rate
J.D. Wireman English 47 Rate
Lynn Duerr Family & Consumer Science 7 Rate
Molly Hare Physical Education 2 Rate
G.W. O'Reilly Manufacturing & Construction 0 Rate
Melanie D'Amico Psychology 10 Rate
M Moga Health Science 0 Rate
Floyd McWilliams Mathematics 4 Rate
Robert Noll Chemistry & Physics 4 Rate
Adil Wadia Geography 0 Rate
Shaad Ahmad Biology 6 Rate
Kathryn Berlin Health Science 6 Rate
Mary Kahl Communication 1 Rate
Charles Davis Philosophy 0 Rate
William Flurky Chemistry & Physics 0 Rate
Christopher McGrew Education 0 Rate
S Roy Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Christopher Stevens English 0 Rate
Margaret Erthal Business 0 Rate
Sandra Kohler Psychology 0 Rate
Elaine Farrugia English 6 Rate
Rhea Meyerholtz Mathematics 0 Rate
James Gustafson History 0 Rate
H Dannelly Biology 0 Rate
Marylin Leinenbach Education 0 Rate
Carrie Lawrence Health Science 0 Rate
Mark Hamm Criminology 0 Rate
John Jakaitis English 0 Rate
Jr. Whitaker Science 0 Rate
Caroline Smieja Foreign Languages 0 Rate
M. Affan Badar Engineering 17 Rate
Gregory Mundth English 0 Rate
Kenneth Jones Business 0 Rate
Michael Arrington Communication 1 Rate
Nicholas D W Farha Engineering 0 Rate
James Smallwood Management 5 Rate
Kenneth Games Athletic Training 20 Rate
Gregory Dewey Health Science 0 Rate
Richard Green Communication 4 Rate
Melony Sacopulos Accounting 0 Rate
Gavin Lorey Accounting 0 Rate
Steve McCaskey Industrial Technology 0 Rate
Gary Cordner Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Walter Dininger Physical Education 0 Rate
R. Andrew Worthington Geography 0 Rate
Ra'Id Q. Shomali Sports Management 0 Rate
Robert Sternfield Computer Science 0 Rate
Ahmad Zaher Biology 0 Rate
Swapan Ghosh Biology 0 Rate
Sarah K. Mullican Political Science 0 Rate
Rao Ivaturi Family & Consumer Science 0 Rate
Stephen Westlake Health Human Performance 0 Rate
Jeffrey Carr English 0 Rate
Dwuena Wyre Human Resources 0 Rate
Michael Williamson Engineering 0 Rate
Elizabeth O'Laughlin Psychology 0 Rate
Emily Cannon Nursing 0 Rate
Joy O' Keefe Biology 0 Rate

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