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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Tyler Kotz Chicago Philosophy 0 Rate
Samuel Underwood Chicago English 0 Rate
Joshua Barbour Chicago Communication 0 Rate
Laura Schaposnik Chicago Mathematics 17 Rate
Melita Morton Chicago Chemistry 0 Rate
Jean Guarino Chicago Art History 3 Rate
Patrick Baude Chicago Economics 7 Rate
Amanda Roy Chicago Psychology 3 Rate
G Ali Mansoori Chicago Bioengineering 5 Rate
William (Bill) D'Alessandro Chicago Philosophy 8 Rate
William Simmons Chicago Mathematics 4 Rate
Nicole Cox Chicago English 0 Rate
Nicole Mayer Chicago Psychology 1 Rate
Matthew Wynter Chicago Finance 0 Rate
Amirouche M. L. Farid Chicago Mechanical Engineering 3 Rate
M.R. Cummings Chicago Biological Sciences 0 Rate
M.A.Q Khan Chicago Biological Sciences 0 Rate
Jay Shearer Chicago English 29 Rate
Doris Graber Chicago Political Science 15 Rate
Tyler Mills Chicago English 0 Rate
Georgina Ruff Chicago Spanish 3 Rate
T.E.S. Raghavan Chicago Mathematics 0 Rate
Margaret Griffith Chicago Communication 0 Rate
John D'Emilio Chicago History 8 Rate
Gene Collerd Chicago Music 0 Rate
Brian Chaplin Chicago Chemical Engineering 0 Rate
Eric Michel Chicago Management 1 Rate
Pauline Lipman Chicago Education 5 Rate
Elizabeth Kocs Chicago Urban Planning 8 Rate
G Fenteany Chicago Chemistry 8 Rate
Alexander Jendrusina Chicago Psychology 2 Rate
Dianne Selden Chicago Political Science 12 Rate
Lauren Warnecke Chicago Kinesiology 10 Rate
Robert Kemp Chicago Accounting 0 Rate
Kenneth Martin Chicago Philosophy 0 Rate
Jason Laffoon Chicago Geography 2 Rate
Nnedi Okorafor Chicago English 0 Rate
Stephen Guggenheim Chicago Earth Science 0 Rate
W . J. Minkowycz Chicago Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Annette Johnson Chicago Social Work 0 Rate
Ellen Evans Chicago English 0 Rate
Christopher Marston Chicago Philosophy 0 Rate
Larry Nucci Chicago Education 3 Rate
Gregory O'Reilly Chicago Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Ronald Hershow Chicago Public Health 0 Rate
George Papadantonakis Chicago Chemistry 81 Rate
Chang Lee Chicago Finance 6 Rate
A.W. Eaton Chicago Philosophy 0 Rate
Lindsey French Chicago Art 0 Rate
Mark O'Brien Chicago Mathematics 0 Rate
Kim O''Neil Chicago English 0 Rate
Carl Sims Chicago English 0 Rate
Ryan Brooks Chicago English 0 Rate
Catherine Harnois Chicago Sociology 0 Rate
Michael Newcomb Chicago Psychology 0 Rate
M Wolf Chicago Biological Sciences 0 Rate
Michael McFarland Chicago English 0 Rate
Christopher Baker Chicago Psychology 60 Rate
David Solzman Chicago Honors 2 Rate
Nicholas Brown Chicago English 0 Rate
F Pleticha Chicago Chemistry 0 Rate
Robert Sloan Chicago Computer Science 9 Rate
Meenesh Singh Chicago Chemical Engineering 0 Rate
Sarah Rutter Chicago English 6 Rate
Kiana Cox Chicago Sociology 8 Rate
Kirsten Straughan Chicago Health Science 28 Rate
Rashi Agarwal Chicago Philosophy 0 Rate
Roberta Gregory Chicago Mathematics 0 Rate
V N Venkatakrishnan Chicago Computer Science 0 Rate
Elizabeth O'Shaughnessy Chicago Public Administration 0 Rate
Kimberly O'Neill Chicago English 2 Rate
Jennifer Pajda-De La O Chicago Mathematics 14 Rate
Justin Mohr Chicago Chemistry 28 Rate
R. Stephen Warner Chicago Sociology 0 Rate
R Mason-Gamer Chicago Biological Sciences 0 Rate
Daniel Murphy Chicago Music 6 Rate
Harris Saunders Chicago Music 0 Rate
Kevin Kumashiro Chicago Education 0 Rate
Constantine Megaridis Chicago Mechanical Engineering 9 Rate
Leta Vaughan Chicago Nursing 0 Rate
Ronak Kapadia Chicago Women's Studies 16 Rate
Simon Alford Chicago Biological Sciences 0 Rate
Christopher Comer Chicago Biological Sciences 0 Rate
M.J. Rosanova Chicago Psychology 0 Rate
Edward Mensah Chicago Public Health 1 Rate
Tomas Staahl Chicago Psychology 0 Rate
A Sussman Chicago Chemistry 0 Rate
Ahmed Shabana Chicago Mechanical Engineering 4 Rate
Julie Koidin Chicago Music 0 Rate
Estephan Salameh Chicago Arabic 0 Rate
A. Karl Larsen Chicago Criminal Justice 0 Rate
D?arcy Meyer-Dombard Chicago Earth Science 0 Rate
Ajay Kshemkalyani Chicago Computer Science 11 Rate
Matthew Moraghan Chicago English 12 Rate
Ryan Casey Chicago Accounting 5 Rate
Stephen Linn Chicago Biological Sciences 25 Rate
Jeremy Johnson Chicago Pharmacy 1 Rate
Jessica Gottlieb Chicago Education 2 Rate
Timothy Hart Chicago Education 0 Rate
Walter Podrazik Chicago Communication 0 Rate
Terrence Whalen Chicago English 0 Rate
X Yang Chicago Spanish 7 Rate
Tiana Kieso Chicago Health Science 5 Rate
B Leslie Chicago Chemistry 0 Rate
Timothy Basadur Chicago Management 0 Rate
Carmel Chiswick Chicago Judaic Studies 0 Rate
Jean Bogner Chicago Earth Science 1 Rate
Alex Chavez Chicago Latin American Studies 0 Rate
K Green Chicago History 6 Rate
Yew-Sing Lee Chicago Finance 5 Rate
Robert Johnston Chicago History 0 Rate
M. Carlson Chicago Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Jason Chen Chicago Accounting 0 Rate
John Styan Chicago Literature 0 Rate
S. Bibiana Adames Chicago Psychology 0 Rate
Sheryl Stogis Chicago Nursing 0 Rate
Lennard Davis Chicago English 13 Rate
Marcy Hochberg Chicago Educational Psychology 4 Rate
Neil Mankad Chicago Chemistry 0 Rate
Lucia Badiola-Maguregu Chicago Spanish 0 Rate
Tasha Fouts Chicago English 12 Rate
Zeev Haftel Chicago Political Science 0 Rate
Katharine Floros Chicago Political Science 24 Rate
Francisco Vazquez Chicago Chemistry 0 Rate
Kimberly Singletary Chicago German 8 Rate
T Whalen Chicago English 0 Rate
Joseph Hummel Chicago Computer Science 31 Rate
Richard Barrett Chicago Sociology 0 Rate
Charles Hoch Chicago Urban Planning 6 Rate
C Dezutter Chicago Chemistry 0 Rate
Heather Doble Chicago English 23 Rate
Madeleine Monson-Rosen Chicago English 0 Rate
Stephanie Munoz-Navarro Chicago Spanish 0 Rate
Janet Page Chicago Mathematics 0 Rate
Theresa Williams Chicago Nursing 2 Rate
Charles Goodman Chicago Accounting 0 Rate
Kathleen O'Dell Chicago Social Science 6 Rate
Patricia O'Brien Chicago Social Work 1 Rate
Mary Ellen O'hara Chicago English 19 Rate
William John O'Brien Chicago Finance 35 Rate
David Schaffer Chicago Philosophy 0 Rate
Benjamin O'Connor Chicago Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Lauretta Quinn Chicago Nursing 0 Rate
Daniel Ingebretson Chicago Mathematics 0 Rate
Christine M. Chicago Criminal Justice 0 Rate
H Dong Chicago Chemistry 0 Rate
Olga Kashcheyeva Chicago Mathematics 0 Rate
Barbara Thomas Chicago Accounting 0 Rate
Richard Armandi Chicago Music 0 Rate
Laurel Mazar Chicago Criminal Justice 2 Rate
Douglas Smit Chicago Anthropology 0 Rate
Thomas Bestul Chicago English 17 Rate
Muhammad Rahman Chicago Bioengineering 0 Rate
Maria Yermolina Chicago Chemistry 31 Rate
Kelly Kaczynski Chicago Fine Arts 0 Rate
James Gramlich Chicago Sociology 0 Rate
G Ventura Chicago Earth Science 0 Rate
J. Ernesto Indacochea Chicago Civil Engineering 16 Rate
Patrick Morley Chicago Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Mike O'Brien Chicago Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Sean O'Hara Chicago Earth Science 0 Rate
Jose Riojas Chicago Music 5 Rate
R Riell Chicago Chemistry 0 Rate
R Picur Chicago Accounting 0 Rate
Erin Rice Chicago Anthropology 0 Rate

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