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Prairie State College

Prairie State College

202 S Halsted St
Chicago Heights, IL - 60411

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
J. Hemphill Mathematics 0 Rate
Ken O'Keefe Criminal Justice 0 Rate
S Benos Biology 0 Rate
E. Wilson Communication 0 Rate
Joseph Hooks Mathematics 0 Rate
B. Dunston English 0 Rate
Eugene Parsons Biology 3 Rate
Eugene Parsons Science 2 Rate
Leslie Tischauser History 15 Rate
K Marks Mathematics 0 Rate
P Jing Science 0 Rate
J Moore Sociology 0 Rate
S Ecsi Mathematics 0 Rate
E. Assad English 0 Rate
Benjamin Harki Mathematics 2 Rate
J Berlinski Business 0 Rate
Patricia Fares-O'Malley Psychology 0 Rate
V Kumaraia Biology 0 Rate
J Welling Science 0 Rate
A Tinwala Not Specified 0 Rate
D. Brackett Psychology 0 Rate
E Paul Biology 0 Rate
J Hodapp English 0 Rate
Lorrell Kilpatrick Sociology 0 Rate
N. Landa Nursing 0 Rate
M. Kelly Biology 0 Rate

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