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Oakton Community College

Oakton Community College

7701 Lincoln Ave
Skokie, IL - 60077

About Oakton Community College

  • Phone: (847) 635-1600
  • Website: http://www.oakton.edu
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OaktonCommunityCollege/
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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Alex Koshy T Koshy Chemistry 0 Rate
Kathy Greenberger Psychology 0 Rate
Evan Cantor English 0 Rate
James M. Thorson Biology 0 Rate
Simon Kakumanu Mathematics 8 Rate
Helen Page English 6 Rate
Donald Jacobson History 0 Rate
M McKernan Science 0 Rate
Beverly Crockett English 0 Rate
Jody L.Padar Accounting 0 Rate
Gregory Klei N Sociology 0 Rate
Katharine Jager English 0 Rate
Daryl Long English 6 Rate
Ann Gadzikowski Education 0 Rate
Donna Ryan Sociology 0 Rate
Vincent D'Agostino English 0 Rate
Pamela D. Drell English 0 Rate
Jigyasa H. Tuteja Biology 0 Rate
Mohammad Ahmed Computer Science 8 Rate
H Tratt Education 0 Rate
Michelle James Psychology 0 Rate
D Kevin McNair Religion 0 Rate
Angelyn Anderson Humanities Philosophy 0 Rate
Gabriela Ayala Languages 0 Rate
Camille O'Reilly Nursing 0 Rate
Danielle Dickerson Business 5 Rate
Pamela Kouris Computer Science 1 Rate
Jessica Sellountos English 1 Rate
Stephen R Mc Namara English 0 Rate
Davida Schulman Art History 4 Rate
Misganaw Gebru Chemistry 0 Rate
Dimitrios Panagiotidis Computer Science 0 Rate
M. Ringstad Communication 0 Rate

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