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Oakton Community College

Oakton Community College

1600 E Golf Rd
Des Plaines, IL - 60016

About Oakton Community College

  • Phone: (847) 635-1600
  • Website: http://www.oakton.edu
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OaktonCommunityCollege
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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Michael Mauritzen English 0 Rate
Christian Han Mathematics 4 Rate
Traci Minnick Sociology 16 Rate
Michael Roche Geology 1 Rate
Veronda Carey Speech 0 Rate
Ralph G. Mc Clarren Ralph G. Mc Clarren Mathematics 0 Rate
Keith Johnson Sociology 1 Rate
George Lungu Political Science 0 Rate
Kate Magnuson English 0 Rate
Margaret Kelly English 0 Rate
Ciaran O'Sullivan Nursing 12 Rate
Scott Johnson English 0 Rate
John Nyhoff Economics 0 Rate
Floyd Aylin Computer Science 0 Rate
samantha wisniewski Science 0 Rate
Kenneth D'Aquila Physics 0 Rate
Larry Nordin Architecture 0 Rate
Alan Rosen Architecture 0 Rate
Michael O'Brien Sociology 0 Rate
James Deignan Economics 0 Rate
John D'Anca Psychology 127 Rate
Kanchana Mendes Biology 27 Rate
Joanna Bowersmith Social Work 0 Rate
Samantha Solecki Biology 0 Rate
George Lungu History 0 Rate
Jeanine Seitz-Partridge Biology 0 Rate
Paula Luszcz Social Science 0 Rate
Douglas Sheldon English 0 Rate
Abdallah Ragga Computer Science 0 Rate
Jennifer Dadivas Hong English 0 Rate
Charlie Cho Fine Arts 0 Rate
Jigyasa Tuteja Biology 0 Rate
James O'Shea Law 0 Rate
Jack O''Rourke Engineering 0 Rate
Peter Sigiols Accounting 0 Rate
Jerzy K. Filus Mathematics 0 Rate
M.P Siddharth Business 0 Rate
Thomas Firak Biology 0 Rate
W. Jim Holderfield History 0 Rate
Heidi Sally Economics 0 Rate
James Mccrackan Science 0 Rate
Traci Lamberg Computer Science 2 Rate
Emily Jansen Political Science 0 Rate
George Van Dusen History 0 Rate
Elizabeth Adames English 5 Rate
Williams Strond Biology 0 Rate
Brian Franczyk Design 2 Rate
Jermaine Peart Computer Science 0 Rate
Sandra Krohnert Design 0 Rate
Vincent D'Agostino English 0 Rate
Richard Stacewicz Social Science 6 Rate
Patrick Williams Biology 0 Rate
Christopher Bower English 0 Rate
John Stovall English 10 Rate

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