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Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Halcyon Lawrence Communication 0 Rate
M. Gordon Brown Architecture 0 Rate
John O'Leary Engineering 6 Rate
Daniel Moran Psychology 0 Rate
P Hanlet Physics 0 Rate
Kyle Hale Computer Science 13 Rate
Sayed Saghaian Engineering 8 Rate
Rahul Patel Information Science 3 Rate
Vijay Gurbani Computer Science 12 Rate
Olawale Ade-Oshifogun Information Science 1 Rate
Joseph Rosen Computer Science 0 Rate
F Hickernell Mathematics 3 Rate
Michael Newman Architecture 0 Rate
Carly Kocurek Humanities 6 Rate
Ashfaq Khokhar Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Paul Anderson Civil Engineering 5 Rate
Dennis Hood Computer Science 3 Rate
J. Kemp Ellington Psychology 7 Rate
E Durango-Cohen Business 5 Rate
Kenneth O''Connor Sociology 0 Rate
L Batson Communication 0 Rate
C. Robert Carlson Computer Science 0 Rate
Joseph Clarke Architecture 0 Rate
Cindy Menches Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Gayle Ratliff Physics 0 Rate
Ganesh Raman Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
G Gehrs Communication 5 Rate

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