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Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College

1700 Spartan Dr
Elgin, IL - 60123

About Elgin Community College

  • Phone: (847) 697-1000
  • Website: http://www.elgin.edu
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElginCommunityCollege
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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
S. Robinson Theater 0 Rate
P. Raval Education 50 Rate
Christian Zehelein Computer Science 2 Rate
Alianna Maren Mathematics 0 Rate
William Forg Computer Science 0 Rate
Jennifer Jeschke Physical Education 0 Rate
Andrea Salis Biology 6 Rate
Mary O'Sullivan Biology 78 Rate
D. Zacher Humanities 0 Rate
R. Mercado English 0 Rate
T. Kaar Art 0 Rate
D. Danko Mathematics 0 Rate
Jesse Bader Computer Aided Design/Dig Imag 0 Rate
Linda Campos-Moreira Student Development 0 Rate
Katrina Hoekstra Mathematics 11 Rate
Natalie Bruno Biology 0 Rate
Patricia O'Brien Sociology 71 Rate
John Myers Biology 2 Rate
Sarah Stupegia English 0 Rate
Edward Siebert Not Specified 0 Rate
T. Ledonne Mathematics 0 Rate
Holly Zaremba Not Specified 2 Rate
Katie O'Shaughnessy English 0 Rate
V. Damiras History 0 Rate
Steven Tucholski Economics 17 Rate
K. O'Connor Mathematics 14 Rate
D Danko Mathematics 0 Rate
S Franco Mathematics 0 Rate
Matthew Weiss Geology 5 Rate
A. Douglass English 3 Rate
C Carreon English 6 Rate
M. Koos Art 0 Rate
Lindsay Keisman Human Services 0 Rate
Martin O'Connor Art History 2 Rate
Kristen Hren English 6 Rate
Carl Decarlo Not Specified 0 Rate
Judith Thommes Nursing 0 Rate
Rabi'a Hakima English 4 Rate
Harriet Happel Computer Science 0 Rate
Blythe Burren Mathematics 0 Rate
B. David Das Psychology 0 Rate
Kimberly Anderson Business 0 Rate
Deborah Gartshore Biology 0 Rate
Eric Rexer Chemistry 0 Rate
H Teichert Mathematics 0 Rate
B. Burren Mathematics 0 Rate
John Dailey English 0 Rate
M. Goodwill English 0 Rate

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