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College of Lake County

College of Lake County

19351 W Washington St
Grayslake, IL - 60030

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Saehan Hwang Mathematics 26 Rate
Philip Baron Social Science 6 Rate
Daniel Winkler Anthropology 0 Rate
Sarah Osborn Social Science 0 Rate
Ken Chung Mathematics 8 Rate
Imelda Forsberg Health Science 0 Rate
Martin Connor Art History 0 Rate
Martin O'Connor Art History 0 Rate
Jennifer Davis English 0 Rate
W Scott Cheney English 0 Rate
Jennifer Burns Nursing 0 Rate
Jim Laird Engineering 0 Rate
T Harper Communication 0 Rate
Jeffrey Varblow Accounting 42 Rate
Katherine Chambers Design 0 Rate
Ivy Dally Art History 1 Rate
Michael Syncowicz Philosophy 0 Rate
Nancy Cook Art History 24 Rate
Alex Gonzalez Biology 0 Rate
David Thomas Philosophy 8 Rate
Maria Rivera-Ripoll Languages 0 Rate
Elizabeth O'Grady Biology 106 Rate
Anne Meny Communication Arts 0 Rate
Nathan Westin Sociology 0 Rate
Rajini Parakati Biology 0 Rate
Paul Sweet Biology 0 Rate
David Flippo Music 1 Rate
Tessa Aquino English 0 Rate
Angela Norwood Health Science 0 Rate
Lance Presser Biology 20 Rate
Karen Shea Nursing 0 Rate
Donna Logisz Computer Science 0 Rate
M Robinson Biology 19 Rate

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