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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Keisha Rogers Kinesiology 0 Rate
Lauren Kaiser Geography 6 Rate
Anna Feuerstein English 16 Rate
J Grissmerson Chemistry 0 Rate
Joe O'Mealy English 0 Rate
Chrystal Vine French 0 Rate
Robin O'Day Sociology 1 Rate
S Deburger Political Science 0 Rate
Laura Yee Speech 0 Rate
B Gallagher Political Science 0 Rate
D Gefroh Mathematics 3 Rate
R Luna Biology 0 Rate
G. Jeffery Taylor Geology 0 Rate
M Chyaba Mathematics 5 Rate
M. Armstrong Nursing 0 Rate
Dennis Ogawa American Studies 0 Rate
Sydney Morrow Philosophy 12 Rate
j. Mitchell Public Health 0 Rate
William O'Grady Linguistics 0 Rate
Tamara Pavich English 0 Rate
Jude Miller Nursing 0 Rate
Abi Good Fine Arts 0 Rate
J.D. Brown Languages 0 Rate
L Keawe Hawaiian Studies 12 Rate
Y. Kuan Music 0 Rate
Y.L. Chen Science 0 Rate
Y. Han Lau Biology 0 Rate
John Sinton Geology 0 Rate
I-Bei Lin Music 0 Rate
Young-A Park Asian Studies 0 Rate
Chelsea McCarty French 2 Rate
Leiali'i Mano'i Hawaiian Studies 0 Rate
Randall Minas Information Science 8 Rate
Donovan Colleps English 0 Rate
Brandon Underwood Philosophy 1 Rate
Wayne Takamine Music 0 Rate
S. Cromwell Crawford Religion 0 Rate
F Gae Urban Planning 0 Rate
F Bain English 0 Rate
Jeffery Drazen Oceanography 1 Rate
J. Edward Schell Accounting 0 Rate
Joshua Barnes Astronomy 7 Rate
Vince Okada Social Work 3 Rate
Emanuel Dreshsel Languages amp Linguistics 0 Rate
Emanuel Drechsel Not Specified 0 Rate
J Vera Young Lee English 0 Rate
N Losch Hawaiian 0 Rate
Lurana O'Malley Theater 4 Rate
Samantha O'Hanlon Psychology 7 Rate
A Seita Information Science 0 Rate
G Luppino Science 0 Rate
Edward Davis History 0 Rate
B.J. Wie Management 0 Rate
Don Tran Chemistry 0 Rate
Y He Business 4 Rate
Andrew Woodill Economics 0 Rate
Tina Ling Accounting 0 Rate
Cynthia Greywolf Nursing 0 Rate
Larry Catungal Music 0 Rate
Laura Blue Nursing 0 Rate
M Volini Biotechnology 0 Rate
Rachel Hoerman Anthropology 5 Rate
M. Cristi-Kim Family Consumer Sciences 0 Rate
J. Szostak Art History 0 Rate
Michael Forman Linguistics 0 Rate
Matthew O'Neil Sociology 140 Rate
William Chapman American Studies 0 Rate
Carol D'Angelo Design 4 Rate
Patricia Lee-Robinson Health Science 0 Rate
James Youn Marketing 0 Rate
Sydney Coelho Hawaiian Studies 0 Rate
Paul Bienfang Oceanography 0 Rate
C Sauget Business 0 Rate
Joe Ramos Medicine 1 Rate
B.J. Awa Economics 0 Rate
M Makoto Languages 0 Rate
Stephen O'Harrow East Asian Lang. & Literature 1 Rate
Dennis Ogawa Japanese 0 Rate
Aumua Papali'I Languages 0 Rate
Raphael Kaliko Hawaiian Studies 19 Rate
R Netell English 0 Rate
R Adiga English 0 Rate
Constantinos Papacostas Engineering 0 Rate
R Todorovich Education 0 Rate
S. Ghon Rhee Finance 11 Rate
Kenneth Hayes Biology 2 Rate
Maylene Pascual Nursing 1 Rate
Lori Fulton Education 0 Rate
Joseph Stanton Art History 0 Rate
R. Kelly Aune Speech 15 Rate
N Sankaran Mathematics 0 Rate
B. Jeannie Lum Education 20 Rate
Joseph Mobley Nursing 0 Rate
H Ronald Riggs Engineering 4 Rate
Adam Cohen Psychology 4 Rate
Homer Williams Architecture 0 Rate
Nathaniel Hartmann Business 0 Rate
William Donahue Business 0 Rate
Magdy Iskander Engineering 0 Rate
No'U Revilla English 14 Rate
Dustin Verity Accounting 0 Rate

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