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University of West Georgia

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Jeffery Abney Fine Arts 0 Rate
Nguyen Hoang Mathematics 15 Rate
Andrew Edelman Biology 0 Rate
Bertha Adriana D' Alba Education 5 Rate
Erin Mock Film 7 Rate
John Garner Philosophy 0 Rate
Tiara Collins Psychology 1 Rate
Sydney Bolding English 2 Rate
Kelley Frank English 24 Rate
J Rowan Computer Science 0 Rate
T. Randahl C Morris Communication 0 Rate
Brandy Chambless English 0 Rate
Abbot Packard Education 2 Rate
Janet Goodman Education 0 Rate
Elizabeth Bennett Education 0 Rate
Jennifer Heidorn Education 0 Rate
Laura Hill Foreign Languages 25 Rate
Anne Hunter Sociology 12 Rate
William Lloyd Computer Science 0 Rate
Donna Myers Anthropology 20 Rate
D. Osborne Science 7 Rate
Mikhail Beznosov Political Science 13 Rate
Jean Pridmore Not Specified 9 Rate
Charles Powers History 0 Rate
J Borgman English 0 Rate
Amanda Grant Psychology 0 Rate
John Roberts Psychology 0 Rate
Latroya Hester Communication 0 Rate
Muhammad Ahmad Mathematics 0 Rate
A. Leavitt Science 0 Rate
Glen Ishoy Criminal Justice 0 Rate
H Goodson History 0 Rate
Tamra Ogletree Education 0 Rate
R Johns Management 0 Rate
R. Hendricks English 0 Rate
Thomas J Joe Sharp Mathematics 0 Rate
India MacWeeney Psychology 0 Rate
Emily Dial Education 3 Rate
Katy Green Education 1 Rate
B Lynn Bible Accounting 0 Rate
Robert Collins Economics 0 Rate
Kenneth Hilderhoff Business 15 Rate
Heather Bono Economics 21 Rate
James O'Donnell Fine Arts 0 Rate
Nathan Michalewicz History 0 Rate
Cynthia Hall English 0 Rate
W. Alan Pope Psychology 0 Rate
M De Nie History 40 Rate
Brian McNeil Philosophy 0 Rate
Michael Epanchin History 0 Rate
Chase O'Gwin Psychology 0 Rate
Kimberly Johnston Education 0 Rate
Phillip Hatcher History 0 Rate
Laura Hatfield Physical Education 0 Rate
Laura Mckee English 0 Rate
Clay Morton English 0 Rate
Mark Schoon Art History 0 Rate
Crystal O'Neal English 13 Rate

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