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Georgia Highlands College

Georgia Highlands College

3175 Cedartown Hwy
Rome, GA - 30161

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
D T Abrams Sociology 0 Rate
Grover Sheffield Economics 14 Rate
Althea Moser Physical Education 22 Rate
Michael Bergquiest History 0 Rate
Susan Carol Mathematics 0 Rate
C.A. Griffin Sociology 0 Rate
Tracy Kight Mathematics 10 Rate
David Shelton Psychology 5 Rate
L. Terry Everett Geology 0 Rate
Charmaine Dever Humanities 0 Rate
F.L Alvarado Education 0 Rate
M F Highsmith English 0 Rate
V Alan Jarmon English 0 Rate
James Cady History 5 Rate
Bronson Long History 24 Rate
Michael Bergquist History 0 Rate
Steve Wilson Biology 0 Rate
Mary Hoganson Health Science 8 Rate
Jacqueline Belwood Biology 22 Rate
M. Dianne Mines Computer Science 0 Rate
William Smith Biology 0 Rate
Bert Exsted Chemistry 0 Rate
Camille Pace Mathematics 23 Rate
Kimberly Subacz Biology 24 Rate
L. Lee Mathematics 0 Rate
Nicoly Myles Education 0 Rate
Jocelyn Steward Business 0 Rate
Monica Brooks History 0 Rate
James Callahan Psychology 0 Rate
John Cameli Computer Science 0 Rate
Mark Thomann History 0 Rate
Jeffrey O'Kelley Biology 0 Rate
Jay Deville Business 5 Rate
John Schnaible Communication 0 Rate
James Benton Biology 0 Rate
Katherine Gobbi History 0 Rate
Jeff R Lineks Mathematics 0 Rate
Samuel Baltzer Music 0 Rate
Stephanie Wright Psychology 5 Rate
Yelena Tuzova Economics 0 Rate
Carol Hoban Biology 0 Rate
Janice Morrissey Sociology 0 Rate
Kia Smith English 0 Rate
Paul Kapitza Mathematics 23 Rate

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