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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Deborah Sauder Chemistry 18 Rate
Jamie Caudill English 0 Rate
Ali Kooti Accounting 57 Rate
Alex Brazil Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Wendy Dustman Biology 12 Rate
Timothy Tolbert Exercise Science 11 Rate
Adria Welcher Sociology 20 Rate
Rahul Nair History 0 Rate
Irene Way History 0 Rate
Ruth Carlson Biology 0 Rate
Simona Chitescu English 0 Rate
Chiquito Crasto Chemistry 0 Rate
Julia Peredes Chemistry 0 Rate
Naykishia Head English 4 Rate
Henry Zeidan Biology 0 Rate
KELSEY WOODARD Curriculum Instruction 0 Rate
Ho Jin I. Kim Psychology 17 Rate
David Sepulveda Business Administration 0 Rate
Mark House Mathematics 14 Rate
David Barnes Biology 0 Rate
Kendrick Savage Mathematics 19 Rate
John Muth Mathematics 40 Rate
Stephen North Political Science 11 Rate
Elizabeth Jones English 0 Rate
Philip Routon Economics 0 Rate
Edgardo Rivera Biology 0 Rate
Kimberly Dula Management 11 Rate
Hazelyn Patterson Chemistry 8 Rate
Ian Curran Religion 39 Rate
Daniel Von Deutsch Biology 0 Rate
Norris Hughes Information Technology 0 Rate
Norries Hughes Information Technology 0 Rate
Janel Wheeler Psychology 0 Rate
Sharon Guan Chemistry 28 Rate
Sydney Sattler Accounting 0 Rate
David Kirschner Sociology 89 Rate
Alison O'Leary Art 4 Rate
Richard Brand Business Administration 4 Rate
John Bigger Biology 1 Rate
Kevin O''Halloran Chemistry 0 Rate
Todd Lindley Geography 56 Rate
Allison D'Costa Biology 22 Rate
Nelkuppamodivilayi Alexander Physical Education 0 Rate
Calvin Skinner Information Technology 4 Rate
David Myers Chemistry 0 Rate
Linda Verhoef History 0 Rate
Jesse Huang Information Technology 2 Rate
Jenny Kerven Education 19 Rate
Tammi Taylor Biology 1 Rate
James Bolton Biology 0 Rate
Dr. Susan T Quinn Criminal Justice 11 Rate
Lana Tracy Biology 27 Rate
Michael Turner Religion 0 Rate
Daniel Vullaro English 0 Rate
John Marian English 0 Rate
Michael Geraghty Information Technology 1 Rate
Karen Quarterman Marketing 0 Rate
Wenlin Huang Chemistry 0 Rate
Kevin O'Halloran Chemistry 52 Rate
Stanley WU Chemistry 0 Rate
Jeremy Beatson English 0 Rate
Georgeta S. Connor Geography 0 Rate
James Nolan Chemistry 5 Rate
Kimberley Wiggins Information Technology 0 Rate
Luis Torres Marketing 0 Rate
Jamie Phillips Biology 1 Rate
Jonathan Smith Economics 0 Rate
Cheryl Clark Management 19 Rate
Sean Kopinski Information Technology 0 Rate
Ramjee Sharma Mathematics 0 Rate
Georgeta Connor Geography 30 Rate
Johann Berenguer Political Science 0 Rate
brett mayhan English 7 Rate
Heidi Tauscher Religion 17 Rate
vickie williams Biology 0 Rate
Amel Mechael Chemistry 11 Rate
Eric Osmer Finance 0 Rate
Luis Torres Marketing 0 Rate
Maria Fernandez Biology 23 Rate
Danielle Williams Fine Arts 0 Rate
Juliette D'Souza Finance 24 Rate
Hans Vonsteinhauer Spanish 0 Rate
J.P. Zinn Information Technology 0 Rate
Laura Jesseph International Business 17 Rate
Paul Gran Political Science 0 Rate
Karla Caillouet Exercise Science 9 Rate
C. Douglas Johnson Business Administration 21 Rate
Gabrielle Fundaro Biology 21 Rate
Yawen Ludden Music 7 Rate
Elizabeth Hamilton Art 0 Rate
Jean Medastin Information Technology 0 Rate
George Darden Education 12 Rate
Anil Perrera Information Technology 2 Rate
Rachel Nabulsi Religion 26 Rate
Carroll Griffin International Business 0 Rate
Bryan Krass Fine Arts 7 Rate
Cynthia Kreutzer Psychology 0 Rate
Brittany Foster Political Science 0 Rate
Jeffrey Zinn Information Technology 0 Rate
A. Keith Kelly English 0 Rate
James Price Mathematics 41 Rate
Benedicte Lebehot French 0 Rate
Anne Gilg Biology 0 Rate
Andrew Kelly Psychology 26 Rate
Jason Blazevic Political Science 7 Rate
Janet Stephens Art Visual Culture 13 Rate
Hank Harmon Mathematics 22 Rate

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