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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Patrick Steele Psychology 9 Rate
Mary Tucker Communication 1 Rate
Melanie O''Meara Communication 0 Rate
John Meyer Education 0 Rate
Robin Wharton English 0 Rate
E Nicole Meyer Languages 1 Rate
Carol McCullough Physical Education 0 Rate
Ronald Martin Business 4 Rate
Mark Barnes Chemistry 0 Rate
Judith Gordon Biology 0 Rate
Dave Huffstetler English 21 Rate
Douglas Joiner Communication 107 Rate
Keith Luoma Mathematics 68 Rate
Norman Prinsky English 140 Rate
Eronini Egbujor Humanities 0 Rate
Joanne Sexton Computer Science 0 Rate
Sally Cook English 0 Rate
Randal Pyers Philosophy 0 Rate
Brett Gunn Health Science 0 Rate
F. Simon Grant English 75 Rate
J Chris Boyd Physical Ed 0 Rate
Debra Brown History 0 Rate
Edmund Booth Business 0 Rate
A. Dave Willis Communication 0 Rate
John Waller Political Science 0 Rate
B.T. Linder Physics 0 Rate
Leslie A. Lesoon Wood Biology 0 Rate
Susan O'Keefe Communication 0 Rate
Kristin Kroll Psychology 0 Rate
Candace Griffith Criminal Justice 9 Rate
Evan Smith Physical Education 2 Rate
John Sappington Psychology 0 Rate
T. Cliff Gardiner English 0 Rate
Warren Thorp Art 0 Rate
S. Dale White Social Work 0 Rate
Angie Spencer Chemistry 0 Rate
Michael Dugan Accounting 7 Rate
S. Rauch History 0 Rate
John Heslen Political Science 0 Rate
Eric Zuckerman Chemistry 0 Rate
Inas Helwa Biology 2 Rate
Jessica McLees Education 0 Rate
M. Harry Parker Chemistry 23 Rate
Kathleen White Chemistry 0 Rate
Buffie Schmidt Economics 43 Rate
Duminda Samarakoon Chemistry 1 Rate
Wesley Meares Political Science 5 Rate
Carolyn Giddens English 0 Rate
Grant Thompson Science 0 Rate
Erynn Black English 0 Rate
Frank Williams History 0 Rate
C.P. Abubucker Mathematics 0 Rate
Aubrey D'Ambrogi English 0 Rate
Lance Hunter Political Science 0 Rate
Jason O'Bryhim Biology 0 Rate
Lynda Lamarre History 8 Rate
Frederick Ricketson Physical Education 0 Rate
Brian Liu Music 4 Rate
Paula Owens Education 3 Rate
Joanna Appel Biology 6 Rate
Hannah Bennett Health Science 6 Rate
Laurence Miller Psychology 7 Rate
W. Pate McMichael Communication 0 Rate
Lewen Kellman English 2 Rate
Emily Prince Biology 0 Rate
James Birdseye History 0 Rate
Robert Flannigan Languages 22 Rate
Michael O'Conner Education 0 Rate
G. Childs Nursing 0 Rate
Johnny Carr Education 0 Rate

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